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  • My cousin flew down to Bangalore from NJ. She had multiple fibroid and was on pain killers. We consulted several Gynecologists with divergent opinions creating apprehension and doubts in our mind if we had done the right thing by seeking a solution in Bangalore rather than NJ. Finally our family Gynecologist recommended Dr.Mohapatra based in AMRI hospital, Bhubaneswar! Imagine bypassing Bangalore with its array of super specialty hospitals catering to Gynecology cases. We flew down to Bhubaneswar and met Dr.Mohaptra. A half hour explanation by him to our family about my cousin’s case set to rest any doubts we had. A great doctor, surgeon and a noble soul – humility personified – profound knowledge of handling fibroid of various complexities – We knew we had arrived at the right place. The Journey from NJ to Bhubaneswar was worth it. Here was a professional worth his weight in gold. Surgery done. Back home. My cousin who not only drives two wheeler and four wheeler on Bangalore’s crazy roads, flies aircraft in NJ, forays into French and software testing, an adventurer to the core, is all smiles, rearing to go again after an ordeal of nearly two years battle with multiple fibroid.As we sit back and ponder about her ordeal and the discovery of Dr.Mohapatra – I can undoubtedly say – I would walk in blindfolded into his Operation Theater. Dr.G.S.S. Mohapatra, another Dr.Devi Shetty in the making! God bless this person as also his dedicated team of doctors at AMRI, Bhubaneswar!

    +1 (201)250-3050

  • The only doctor that I have come across without any tantrums in my early days of struggle for pregnancy journey. It started when I was having hard time to conceive with so many doctor’s consulting going into vain. One day my husband found him and told me to give a try with his consultation.Luckily it worked and the result was within 2 months of his consultation. If you are looking for a best Gynecologist in bhubaneswar just go for him you will thank me later. For me I would say god has sent an avatar so that he can serve humanity. He is always ready to help,always available for his patients via call, whatsapp and excellent in his treatment. I can keep praising him for hours..words are not enough..we love you sir..and can never thank you enough for all your support.

    Renuka Nayak

  • Hi. Friends,
    Many of your friends, patients have recommended Dr. Mohapatra as a good doctor. But I am going one step further to also recommend you as a great human being. Going through childbirth is a mix of immense pain followed by immense happiness. In this journey, the presence of a wonderful doctor is simply priceless.
    The journey started on 1st Jan 2019 when we came to know about my pregnancy and suddenly rushed to meet Dr Mohapatra recommended by one of our friend. Initial 2 or 3 consultation were done in bbsr and the experience was superb. Sir not only given us time but also ensure to help us in every possible way during this phase. One of the surprising truth as i was not in bbsr and our work location is in gurgaon ,I sent the scan report to Dr. Mohapatra through Whatsapp or messages and he proactively solve all the doubts and gave us mental support to handle the complications during pregnancy .
    Thanks, doctor, for comforting me and taking away all my stress. You are truly an amazing doctor for clarifying all the possible options we had for a complicated case of pregnancy.
    WE LOVE YOU!!!
    Thank you doctor.

    Madhusmita Pradhan

  • An Expert in task and a Professional in service, he is a doctor to confide in. Our experience with him started with a clear counselling out of precise diagnosis, followed by a committed and successful surgery of my wife’s ovarian cyst, she has been suffering from since a long time. Post surgery, his follow up was also convincing. It is over three months post surgery, my wife has been relieved of her pain I write this review to thank this friendly gentleman and a Perfect Doctor. You are a blessing to my family and many others’ across the country. God bless you and your team too.

    Rajugopal Silla

  • One of the best doctors in the town. The great thing is that he explains very well the problems and the line of treatment to his patients in a very transparent manner. At the time of my wife’s delivery I could not make it as I was out of station but Dr Mohapatra made sure that everything was taken care off without any hassles. Along with a great doctor, he is helpful human being also and the patients always have a certain degree of comfort with him being around

    Debashish Roy

    Phone: 9124800100

  • In a nutshell, A great human being and an efficient doctor. Recommend his fantastic consultation for patients in need and I’m sure your problems would be sorted out with ease. He has a good team of doctors, ensures patient’s care/ supervision. May the Almighty bless you and your family, Dr.G.S.S Mohapatra.

    Anjum ara
    Mobile: 8399890375

  • Sir you are an excellent doctor, an excellent human being and a man full of positive energy.Thank you so very much sir for you love and care shown towards us.You will be always remembered for your generous and selfless service.

    Kshema Chand Agrawala

  • Sir you are an excellent doctor, an excellent human being and a man full of positive energy.Thank you so very much sir for you love and care shown towards us.You will be always remembered for your generous and selfless service.

    Kshema Chand Agrawala

  • Sir you are an excellent doctor, an excellent human being and a man full of positive energy.Thank you so very much sir for you love and care shown towards us.You will be always remembered for your generous and selfless service.

    Kshema Chand Agrawala

  • Usually not expected for a doctor to be friendly and approachable….he is always there to answer anything…he is very caring and compassionate person…I was going through a though time for my second pregnancy but sir has acted like God everything went on so well…..He is not only a excellent doctor but also a fantastic personality…. I am very much thankful to for all that you done…..

    Anuradha Brahma

  • Living in the US I have been used to World Class Health Care services.With my Mom living in India,struggling with a critical condition have had undergone multiple open surgeries in past 14years.I was disappointed seeing the unprofessional attitude of doctors in Siliguri,WB hence decided to approach Dr.G S S Mohapatra.I spoke to him over the phone and was convinced to seek his assistance.We flew down to Bhubneshwar.As promised getting an appointment was a breeze and was able to meet him the very same day.Meeting him was a pleasure,he brings with him years of experience and is a thorough professional.With consent from my Mom and as advised I had my Mom admitted at AMRI the very same day.As promised Dr.G S S Mohapatra and his team took great care of my Mom from start to finish.My Mom underwent 2 surgeries performed by Dr.Latendu Mohapatra and Dr.G S S Mohapatra the very next day and didn’t complain of any pain or discomfort post the procedure.Also big shout out to all the staff along with nurses at AMRI Bhubneshwar each one of them were outstanding.The amenities at AMRI and ease of doing business was pleasurable experience.My mom have been recovering well post the surgeries.I wish Dr.G S S Mohspatra and his team at AMRI all the very best for future,hope each one your patients continue getting the same level of attention and care that we were blessed to experience.Thank You.

    samiran kundu

  • I heard that Dr. G S S MAHAPATRA is the best gynocologist of eastern region when I was searching for the best doctor at the time of planning a baby. so I went to him and after all my 9 months struggle I can say without any doubt that he is THE BEST and I couldn’t have found anyone better than him. he obviously excels at his own field of work and there is no doubt in that. apart from his skill as a doctor, he is very polite, approachable and patient friendly doctor. his patients are his utmost priority. his treatment procedure and medications are too good. you will feel safe and confident when you are under his supervision. anytime you can contact him and tell your problems when you are undergoing treatment under him. after my 9 months experience all I can say a big THANK YOU to him and I feel blessed to have him as my doctor and that I have delivered a baby in the safest hand that is of Dr. G S S MAHAPATRA.

    Sudipta Biswas
    mob:+91 9547751868

  • A patient’s testimonial is less of a recognition of a doctor’s professional expertise, and more of a recommendation of a doctor’s ability to listen, care and heal. I can vouch for the fact that your abilities are unmatched. Thank you so much doctor sahab.

    Biplab Acharya
    mob:+91 9658401350

  • Words can’t describe the happiness I feel in my heart when I think about Dr.G S S Mohapatra Sir.

    He is a perfect combination of knowledge and skill and also caring & compassionate. He is one of the sweetest person I have ever met. His kind and concerned type nature is very rare to find.

    I look forward to consult him at every requirement. At each and every appointment he continues to prove himself that he is a pioneer in his field. He is extremely competent and the best part is, he takes his time to ensure that you have a full understanding of what is going on with your health as well as address each and every concern.

    Because of this, I preferred Dr. G S S Mohapatra Sir to perform my C-Section a few weeks ago. He is absolutely amazing! He is calm, attentive, and always made me feel important.

    Sushree Sabinaya
    mob:+91 7381666666

  • Dear Dr. GSS

    Going through childbirth is a mix of anxiety followed by (immense) happiness. In this journey, the presence of a doctor like you is simply priceless.

    Before being a good doctor, you are an even better human being. they says An apple a day keeps a doctor away. But who wants to keep good doctors like you at bay? 🙂

    Thanks for showing us so much care and concern.

    Sambit Anulita

  • Dedicated, caring and definitely does knows how to make his patients feel at ease. Always updated with the latest techniques. On personal ground GSS sir has been a blessing in disguise for me. The most important thing is, he is always approachable, which a patient needs, be it late hours he definitely makes it a point to reach out for his patient’s queries.

    Sumana Mitra

  • Thanks a lot sir. We were extremely delighted by the treatment given by Dr. G S S Mohapatra during recent birth of my little Angel(Ishaanvi) on 24th May. He is very much co-operative and an excellent human being. I joined with my wife and express our sincere gratitude to him. Keep your blessings on us always.

    Mrs & Mr Dibya Panda

  • Well I would rather mention about a jovial and brotherly human being in stead of calling him a Doctor. Dr. GSS MOHAPATRA stood by us and firmly to make us proud parents. He guided, scolded and hugged us as the prime family member in our journey to parenthood. Having utmost faith in God, yet he’s decisive and very intelligent on his diagnosis. He doesn’t allow us to feel as a patient to him. He held us protected to be parents safely.

    Thank you Doctor, you be blessed with God’s choicest blessings and keep bringing smiles to many.

    Jayant Das

  • I stayed 6 month in US during my Pregnancy and on 7th month i came to my home town bbsr for delivery and was very confused whom to consult and my sister in law suggest GSS Mohapatra. It was excellent experience and he is very friendly very knowledgeable as a gync doctor and moreover very helpful and on top of that he is available whenever his patient need him. Not only he deliver my baby on the day and time i want he also helped me in getting discharge. It was nice experience.

    Itishree Priyadarsini

  • The best ever gynecologist doctor ever I have met is Dr GSS Mohapatra sir. Simplly I can say that he is better than the best & so close to the patients mentally. I pray for him he always shows his kind sympathy to the people & serve the nation. He may be considered the live GOD whom we can fortunately see. Thank you sir.

    Prakash Nayak

  • Well If I start writing about him, as a doctor or as a human, my words will be less to describe.I feel I’m the luckiest one to meet him as a patient. Anyone over here, having issues and health problems regarding gyanecology and obstetrics. Kindly go and have a consultation with Dr GSS Mohapatra, without any second thoughts in your mind. He has the solution and his strategies for diagnosing and positivity attitude towards patient, will solve your half of your problems at first sight. Wishing you sir, all the smiles and strengths ahead.

    Pragyan paramita Jena

  • One and only doctor I have come across without any doctor tantrums in my 9yrs struggle for pregnancy journey. Such a humble and pragmatic person that you instantly connect with him and half of your problem is solved. His conversation and sweet words will make you relaxed even before your treatment starts. He is the best combination of conventional and modern worlds. Many people out there who are reading reviews and searching for a good doctor,consider yourself lucky to find him and do not think twice. For me I would say because god cannot be everywhere he has made sir to serve humanity. He is always ready to help,always available for his patients,easily accessible and excellent in his treatment. I can keep praising him for hours..words are not enough..we love you sir..and can never thank you enough for all your support.😊😍

    Suchisnigdha Saha

  • Dear Dr. G S S Mohapatra Sir, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to y
    ou for taking action and saving my wife Purabi. I express my greatfulness towards you for taking appropriate care of my wife in the hospital. I would really like to appreciate the caring nature of your junior who has given timely medication to my wife. Now, she is recovering and it has happened only because of your medication. I am sure she will be fine and running soon. Other doctors simply treat their patient with medicines but forget to do the most important thing which you do – help them to move on with their lives with motivating words and inspirational thoughts. Thanks for everything sir.

    Mr Bhagaban Ojha
    Date: 29.08.2018
    Mob: 9437164285

  • Thank you a lot sir for your utmost love and care. The experience which we felt is really like a family member and your right time decision at the crucial stage really appreciated. Proudly I can admit it as you are the best ever Gynaecologist in Eastern India. I personally recommend everyone to consult with you for their day to day problems and get the service from you as a homely felt Doctor.

    DP Tripathy

  • Thank you Sir for ur great support and supervision. Your positive words and guidance has build confidence within us.You clearly explain the cause and treatment of the issues. Your friendly behaviour makes patients more comfortable.u r the best gynecologist we ever met.We express our gratitude to u sir..thank u..

    Dushyant Deshmukh

  • From the start of day of 1 visit.Dr. Mohapatra has build the confidence explanning the cause.the course of treatmentand the future aspects of it.During Hospitalization he took utmost responsibility of my (patients) well being and guided us whenever we needed him.Thanks Dr for hepling us to pass through the difficult times.

    Shrutee Nandy

  • Sir
    Greetings form Kolkata!
    At the outset,I must Admit that we were lucky to have come across a doctor like you.So sincerely interested in the patient’s well-being.You are truly incredible at what you do and we are so thankful that we found you!During the delivery of my daughter , I clearly remember how much you you went out of your way to comfort me and address all my apprehensions with utmost patience.I can’t thank you enough for the wealth of information you provide us and the quality time you spent with us.
    Doctor, You are pretty outstanding! I thank you once again for the safe delivery of my daughter which you performed with great empathy and highest level of professionalism. Thankyou

    Mrs. Mousumi Dash
    west bengal

  • After visiting many places & getting confused we found Dr. Mohapatra’s information through Google.Read about him & reviews and decided for a consulataion from him.Our first telephonic conversation with him made us realise that now we are at the right places.His humbleness and positivity gave us strenth to get ready for the surgery.Excellent team at AMRI Bhubaneswar.Excellent service.His knowledge & expertise are phenomenal.Always there for you to respond.Above all a gem of a person.I belive just go to him & you will forget your worries.We experienced that charismatic wibes from him.
    Dear sir keep your blessings on us.

    Thanks & Regards
    Vikky & Uma
    DT. 03.02.2018

  • Dear Sir,
    Please find my review for you. But you deserve better than what I have written.
    I came to know about Dr. G S S Mohapatra from my friends located in Bhubaneswar. We visited him during second pregnancy of my wife. We are very much thankful to you Sir for your time to time methodical diagnosis, Advise and Full Co-Operation. Perhaps he is the only doctor I know who replies to your queries in time in spite of his busy schedule. This heals the problem and tension of the patients instantaneously. The counselling sessions with Dr. GSS were very fruitful which boosts the confidence of the patients a lot. After the surgery we are extremely happy because my wife gave birth to a healthy baby and she is fully fit without any complications. We are grateful to you sir for your help and treatment that you have provided. I strongly recommend him for any type O&G related problems. Undoubtedly he is currently the best Gynaecologist in the eastern part of India which deserves better recognition. Wishing you all the very best Sir.
    Prangya and Dr.Rabindra
    IOCL, Paradip

    With regards,
    Dr. Rabindra Sahoo
    Quality Control Manager
    Paradip Refinery
    Indian Oil Corporation Ltd

    ICOM : 5383 (Official: 06722-255383)
    Mobile: +91-9671978859

  • He is the best Gynocologist in the town,very rare combination of the knowledge and superb behaviour.Just speck to him for a while,you shall be free from all worries.quick to respond any query anytime.god bless him

    Sujit Mohanty

  • Impressive attractive in behaviour consulling talks action oriented Above all an honest and lovely man.God may give you energy to above serve humanty.

    Maharana LAkhminarayan

  • Dear Dr. Mohapatra
    I am quite happy to learn that you have been awarded with a most prestigious and most sought after awars.Truely I congratulation you on your achievements.Dear sir i had aperception that ine day you will be awarded in the right ferum as i could visualise on the everyday.Ihad some sorts of interaction withn you relating to my wife gynocology problem.Believably you had directed me in the right path.S once again i applaud your success.
    With thanks and regards


Thank you for being such a good and wonderful doctor and human being! I can rate Maximum, But it allows only 5. Fantastic experience to deliver my first baby with your hand to bring new champ to world without any hiccups. From bottom of my heart Big thank for all extraordinary service and knowledge to explain all our queries in a channelized way.

Mrs alisha Mohanty
Dt 09.10.2017

    • My wife’s delivery was done by Dr GSS Mohapatra. My wife got a very nice treatment from him. He is very well known to our family. Also the suggestion for treatment is very very good. I’ll suggest for consulting with Dr GSS for any type of gynaec problem

      Mr sumit biswal

    • We have been to many Gynecologists before but we got to know about Dr. G.S.S Mohapatra from our relatives.
      We visited Dr. G.S.S Mohapatra from AMRI HOSPITAL. He is a very good ,very nice person , we have ever met.We find him very sharp and quick to find the problem. He is very clear & very professional about his treatment. He always tries to boost patient mental condition positively and very supportive towards his patient.

      We want to express our sincere appreciation for the promptness and professional care given to us . Our experience at this facility was of the quickest and best we have ever encountered.Thank you so much sir for providing such a beautiful smile on our life( Our Child ).You are like god for us.

      I highly recommend my family & friends to visit Dr. G.S.S Mohapatra (AMRI HOSPITAL, BBSR)

      Thank you again Sir,
      Saroj & Ipsita

      Dt 29.09.2017
      Mob 9777175176

    • In the last week I was having a fibroid of 8cm which was causing severe symptoms lately. I was in search of a Doctor who can handle my problem efficiently . From past 6 years i am residing at Singapore and hence was having no idea about doctors here. After thorough search from web I found out Dr GSS Mohapatra and decided to visit him.

      After I discussed with him I got the confidence that he can handle my situation and honestly he did my operation two weeks back and I am doing well till now. The most imp thing I would highlight here is I never have to visit him at the hospital for my endless question.He was always available to me on Watsapp answering promptly if any small issues I addressed, which I know no other doctors entertain. He had always given me time and support whenever I needed. A surgery small or big is never easy and requires a lot of skills and there will be after effects but more than this is the surgeon who can handle all this without any issue and Dr GSS Mohapatra stands true to this statement. I am extremely thankful to you for handling my case where most doctors said it would be a open cut operation, sir hold the opinion for laproscopy which definitely has less pain and less side effects. I would highly recommend all who are having fibroid and cysts and are advised operation should definitely take a opinion from Sir.

      I thank you for all the care I received and wish May God help all people who are suffering be able to meet you and get treated from you. Sir you are very friendly person and stay as you are and a big thank you sir.

      Subhasree Panda
      Mob +6590367453


    • I strongly recommend to sir. When i came to Bhubaneswar ( my mothers house), i did not know about much , no idea to whom i can consult for my pregnancy. I came to know about sir. I decided and i believed and it came across with a well care and sweet dream when i became mother before 10 days. Sir is very caring and very conscious to me. I always found him with me for my every queries and consult. I was being treated with his best efforts and always being given better suggestions. I was feeling very normal during my consulting period. I can say whatever i heard and read about him are all true. He is very caring and responsive towards his patient and duty. He is a special one for me and my baby. Thank you sir..thanks for your support and care 🙂


      Mob :+919604591365


    • Having no previous experience with Dr. G.S.S. Mohapatra, we were very skeptical as to how our conversation and consultation will proceed. But on the contrary we were quite amazed to see his courteous behaviour and extremely knowledgeable experience. Thanks to his quick and timely advices, we had a healthy baby. Even when we were admitted in the hospital, he regularly visited and sought feedback on administrative aspects also along with medical care aspects. I can’t thank him enough for making us feel comfortable and cared.

      Mr sudhir jena
      Mob: +17323713454
      DT .15.09.2017

    • When we decided to get our babies delivered in India.. we were in a fix as deciding the place and then the hospital was a task in itself .. as Google had confused us to the core 😉 After reading through multiple reviews and discussing with friends/family, we finally decided to consult Dr G S S Mohapatra .. nd the very first meeting with him did the MAGIC 💫 A thorough gentleman in true sense … well behaved, focussed and above all his patience to listen through ur joy and sorrows .. With his guidance, expertise and skillset, we are now proud parents of TWINS 👫 We would like to thank him from the bottom of our heart and wish him all the best for his future endeavours

      Mrs and Mr Surjeet Mohanty
      DT .17.09.2017

    • Thank you for the excellent care you gave to our little princess(Shivanshika) especially during the last two months prior to her birth.
      You are truely an amazing doctor for the clarifying all the possiable options that we had for complicated case of our delivery.
      Thank you again for yourexceptional patience and professionalism that you have shown during the birth of our little priecncess
      My wife is also so thankful for being under the care of a very capable and wonderful doctor.It was probably by fate that we got you in the last moment of our delivery.?Thank you for being so patient witn us .I know I was difficult at times,but your patience and care helped me get well completely.You have been awesome.
      Thank you a ton from the bottom of our hearts!!!!!!!!!!

      Debidatta & Rutuparna
      Dt 13:09:2017
      Mob +917045005623

    • We are the most blessed couple on earth. You dear Dr. GSS are like god to us. As I always say that god doesn’t come himself to help us but sends a medium . And you were that medium. That is the reason why we had a child after 13.5 years and that too within 1 year of consultation. You are great👍🏻👍🏻🙏🙏

      Mrs and Mr jai Batra
      Dt 09.09.2017
      Mob 7788000077

    • Dr. G S S Mohapatra is a real professional Dr, who updates himself always about the new surgical technologies and explores new innovations. Doctor is very much affectionate and sober towards the patients, yes please keep your energetic & cheerful communication always. Dear Doctor, you are the pride of Odisha. You are HERO.

      Mr Ansuman Pattnaik
      Mob 7788000077

    • Thank you alot for everything sir.Iappreciate everything you have done for us
      I sincerely will remember your contribution for my family when i needed most…..Thank you again…….

      Mrs and sabitri sahu

    • The most important quality of Dr GSS Mohapatra is the positive and friendly attitude towards patients. One will hardly find such a rare combination of experience, kindness, honesty and morality. I have deep respect and love for Dr GSS Sir. He successfully carried out our very critical cesarean case and blessed with a baby boy. We are really lucky that we came under your guidance and treatment.
      Proud of you Sir and wish you all success and happiness in life.






    • Gud mrng sir
      This is abhimithra,husband of sowmya. My wife delivered on june 19th 2017.
      Thank u for ur support.we are whole heartedly thyankful to u sir.


      dt 26:06:2017
    • Words cannot explain my happiness after seeing my baby boy.Thanks for all your guidance and support.

      Mrs Swagatika and Sabya sahoo

      dt 03:06:2017


    • Above all..our first teacher for untold summery Btw..ur approches.ur vision and every thing tht subtitle a physician.A valuabe gift to this society..Words never matter..awards never either concern..sum up a human being that even up to do this level..i never ever turned back without saying..superb sir superb alyz..





    • One of the finest Gynac Surgeon.We have ever met. Most genuine and Knowledgeable person with a clear and practical apporach. Has a positive drive towards any kind of problem. His Polite and friendly attitude will melt away half of the tensions. Soft spoken and deals his patients with utmost honesty making sure their cofidence level is always up. Thank you all for your guidance,support and advice.Keep your blessings on us.

      Mob: +447446494501
      DT. 12.01.2018

    • Dear Sir
      I got your reference from my brother in law.From the very first meeting i was blown away by your humility.You explained in detail the whole procedure and your communication was superb.We were very happy with the accomodation and the insurance process.Your visits were very regular with your junior doctors too.I was also surprised that you decide the diet of your patients .There was a lot of positivity at your end. You also gave us a video of the whole laparoscopic procedure.You are also free to be accessed by us pre and post treatment.A month has passed and my patient is fit and fine.Thank you so much from the core of my heart once again.


      Hrushikesh Basantia


      MOB ;9777457511

      Dt : 10.05.2017

    • You are having many more patients and they might have recommended as a good doctor but i’m little bit of ahead of them to recognize as a good human being,caring,laughing and smiling is a good atomosphere for patients.You understand the responsibility and practice accountabilitybetter than business.I wa very well taken care of.Thanks ones again for being such a doctor and great human.


      Mrs Mousumi Roy

      IOCL Paradip

      dt 21.04.2017


    • Thank u sir..!! U hv done everything at its best..!! Proud 2 b ur student..!! U r legend in d making…!! Everyone is happy with ur support n behaviour..

      Dr Pratik Mohapatra

    • Best Regards

      Mr Debendra Samal

      Mobile: 00243995000307
      Residence address
      Flat No:202,Chemaf residential apartments,
      Democratic republic of Congo.

      Company address
      Chemaf SARL,144 Avenue Usoke, Lubumbashi,
      Democratic republic of Congo.
      Dt: 26/12/2016

    • The very thought of hospitalization is scarcy and traumatizing.But caring doctors like you make it friendly and pleasing.Thanks for your effective analysis and guidance .Else,I would never have been able to continue living a life of bliss….

      thanks a lot sir to you and your team….

      Chitrasen Pradhan
      s/o-Kanaka Manjari Pradhan

    • Hello Sir

      This is an honest feedback from us for all you have done for us.

      “Once in a while you come across someone in your life, who would change your life. For us it was Dr. G.S.S Mohapatra”

      Being in the United States, we thought we had the best of medical logistics, but something was missing. We were not so lucky with failed attempts to be called as proud parents of a child. We finally took an informed decision to do the procedure with rest of the family being around. We knew all along that it was going to be a high risk pregnancy and we started the journey one more time. With the search of the right doctor in Bangalore and Bhubaneswar, we came across Dr Mohapatra.

      From Day-1 itself, there was a positive vibe which helped build the confidence & trust in us to keep going. It was the right amount of care, check-ups, tests and medication which helped us get trough the 38 week milestone. It was a conscious decision to do a c-section delivery, and we finally delivered a healthy baby. Within 2days of the procedure, we were discharged from the hospital and 2 days after life came back to normal. The only pleasant difference was an addition of the bundle of joy in it, which we are going to cherish in the rest of our lives.
      We are very much thankful to Dr Mohapatra for all he has done for us. And I would always strongly recommend him to be your doctor for any gynecology procedures.

      Best Regards

      Mrs AND Mr Biraj Mohapatra

      Mobile: +13148743976
      Dt: 12/11/2016

    • Dear Sir,

      Kind Attn :Dr.GSS Mohapatra

      We feel extremely privileged & lucky to have undergone a very complicated laparoscopic surgery which you made absolutely tension free with utmost care, during our 4 days stay in AMRI Hospital, Bhubaneswar .

      In addition to being an amazing doctor/surgeon, you are a wonderful person with human touch & one of the most dedicated, sincere doctor/surgeon we have ever come across. Further, you are very warm and comfort the patients when they get nervous …we were the bright example.

      Thank you so much, Sir, for everything !!!

      We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

      Lord Jagannath Bless You
      Warm Regards,
      Mamata & Bira Kishore Bhujabal
      B-107,Madhab Nilayam Appt,
      Lewis Road,Bhubaneswar-14
      Dt: 08/11/2016

    • Sir

      Thanks for making myjourney to become a mummy, a dream come true with your warmth, humour, care and attention.Besides , thanks for teaching me the difference between fact and faith …. words alone will never capture our sincerest gratitude. Sir, wish your quality and integrity as a doctor and more fundamentally as a person, shine through….

      Sweta and Srimant
      Dt: 01/11/2016
      Mob: 9078072905

    • Sir….great work and you have accomplished the milestone of success with your dedication and hard labour… My wishes are always with you… may God bless you with lots of success, good health and peace of mind. If every doctor strives to be as caring and generous as you, the world would be filled with smiles and laughter instead of pain and sorrow. Thanks for everything sir…

      Mrs Arunima Swain
      Mob: 99385055102
      Dt: 31/10/2016

    • Sir,

      We’r really grateful to you for your most valuable contribution for delivery of our twin babies. You had taken lot of pain for us in such an odd hour, for which we can’t forget you for our whole lifetime.

      You are really great !!

      Mrs and Mr Satyajit Parida
      NTPC Kaniha
      Mob: 9437960089
      Dt: 18/09/2016

    • Dear Sir,

      We truly count it as a bliss that somehow destiny let us meet u in the way
      of life and that too at such a precious span of our life that turned to be
      more magical n memorable for us..(blessed with baby girl 😊) Its Truly said
      that a doctor is next to God n a smiling one can turn any store turned.
      Getting treated by you feels the same. Your smiling face and motivational
      phrases always encourage patient to recover fast..even after duty hours,
      you have been so concerned n worried. You are the BEST, and THE ONE who can
      bring the BESTEST picture of realistic MODEL with his pure heart deeds.

      My wife and baby both are doing well.

      Thanks for your cooperation n all love, U Made us feel like a family

      Mr.& Mrs. Surinder Tandon
      Present Address: IOCL, Paradip
      Permanent Address:PUNJAB

    • Dear Sir,

      I am grateful to God that he made me meet you. You are a special human being, not because you are our doctor, but bcoz you are a special personality. You bring a smile so easily to a person with immense pain. You are better than the best !!! I do not have words to describe your human touch. I have been touched heartily by very few people in life. We can never forget you. I pray to God to help you to heal and inspire more and more people. You are a wonderful doctor; but more than that you are a wonderful human being. To simply say “thank you” we will not be enough. I am not a certified human evaluator but the feelings that are generated in your company make me to repeat..



      And that you are ………

      Thanks God
      Mrs and Mr Anand Agarwal
      Mobile: 9437237649
      Dt: 27/05/2016

    • Dear Sir

      Its a pleasure to get a doctor like u. U have a great personality as well as very good in dealing patients like me as i was very nervous and week hearted. U always gave me a faith that nothing will happen to me and my child , which is the best part of yours.You often said that bring me a stamp paper and i will sign on it that nothing will happen to both of u and u did exactly that sir. I will refer my friends ,relatives n family to consult u. Once again thank u. N glad to get u as my doctor. Because of u i have got my little angel….

      Mrs Amelie panda Hota and Mr Neel Hota
      Actress, known for Tumaku Paruni Ta Bhuli (2007), Jiwan Mrutyu(2005)
      and Bhul Bujhibani Mate (2010)

    • Its been real pleasure to meet you regarding my wife’s(Debasmita Das)

      To be honest all the hospitals should have atleast one doctor like you to be guided.These day every expecting mothers needs to be diagnosed properly before delivery which is most important.Fortunately we got all the important guidance from u sir.

      Again thank you for your valuable suggestions and friendly advices for which we two and the newbie will remain thankful to you.

      Looking forward to have a longterm relationship with you.

      Thanx a lot and wishes u for a bright future ahead.

      Debasmita Das & Phalguni mohanty
      Tankapani Road
      Mob: 9861135354

    • Dear sir,

      Thank you very much for everything you did. No words for expressing my thanks to you. It’s my great pleasure to have you as my doctor. I am extremely happy with the laparoscopic surgery done by you. I am absolutely fine now after your treatment.

      Thank you will be a very small word to express my gratitude to you.

      Sangeeta Dash

    • Dear Doctor,

      Would like to Thank you for your kind advice , suggestion and treatment towards my spouse Maternity case , would like to share few things experienced below mentioned –

      First of all there are different stages in life and parenthood is a wonderful experience. The day we come to know that we are going to be parent that day is a day to remember and the joy can’t be expressed in words. Would first thank the almighty for giving us the opportunity to upgrade one more step in our life called Father & Mother.

      First we visited a lady Doctor and the experience was horrible , she started saying different kind of test and later on she told that there is some test report which is Positive and she will be having the itching problem till the end of her delivery. She started few medications and my spouse started affected emotionally more and more aggravated towards the disease. Looking at her condition have decided to change and going for some other option.

      Asking one of my friend who a marketing person in a reputed hospital suggested me to contact Dr. GSS Mohapatra in AMRI and one fine morning me and my spouse went for the check up in AMRI.

      The first impression when I entered inside the room a warm welcome with a smiling face from the Doctor took the stress away and after showing the reports you advised us to stop all those medicines and explain the things in detail.

      Quite satisfied we went back to home and the journey starts till the end of the delivery. Every month we went to the hospital for the check up and the advice , suggestions given by you time to time is very much appreciable.

      Am a bit tensed but the confidence you have shown me am really thankful to you , sometime in the odd hour am disturbing you asking about the problems but you have sorted out them listening carefully and providing us the solution.

      Finally the day comes when I admitted her into the Hospital , the next day morning 9 am the operation starts and after few moments heard the Good news that we are blessed with a princess. Standing outside the Operation theater and praying God for the wellbeing of Mother and Child.

      Just few minutes later the princess comes from the Operation theater and the sweet cry makes me emotional and I just hold on my tears in my eyes. The sweet cry resembles like the Music played by the God and am just flying like a feather in the air .

      Both Mother and child are recovering well under your treatment and am really thankful to you.

      Thanks & Regards
      Arindam Dey & Puspanjali Das.

    • Dear Sir,

      Thank you so much for everything you did. I have no words for expressing my thanks to you. It is my great pleasure to have you.

      Going down the memory lane, I still didn’t forget that day when my wife Lipika was 2 months pregnant and started bleeding badly. As we had a renowned hospital near her office, she immediately rushed there and did a ultrasound. The doctor’s advised to do an abortion immediately.That time everything went blank. i still couldn’t imagine and believe what happened. that time Immediately i called you sir .Have never seen God. But have seen almighty in your form who came as a god’s messenger and saved my child. The way you handled the critical case that day and after that, hats off to you. The treatment was awesome. Medicines reacted like miracle.

      It’s because of your wonderful magic treatment, we were blessed with a baby girl last christmas. It was indeed a precious gift. Heartiest Thanks from my side and my family .May god give you all the happiness in life and thank you so much for treating me as your younger brother.

      Santosh Panda
      Senior Project Lead|Tech Mahindra
      Mob: +919777954482
      Dt: 22/02/2016

    • Dear Dr. Mohapatra,

      Few words penned down here cannot define our emotions for you that had grown in the past 1 year. I want to make it short and sweet and will try to justify our emotions. Hopefully you will like it.

      “Life… New… Beginning… Consult… Doctor… Professional… Treatment… Helpfulness…
      Leap of Faith… Listened… Cared… Suggested… Transparency… Bothered… Guided…
      Warmth… Shared… Laughed… Simple… Goodness… Fearless… Confident… Happiness…
      And at last we found a FRIEND in a Doctor…” – Aparnna & Soumyajeet

      Thank you will be a very small word to express our gratitude to you.

      Thank you for being with us.

      With lots of Best Wishes for your future journey.

      Best regards,
      Aparnna & Soumyajeet Mohanty
      Mob: 7894410123
      Dt: 15/02/2016

    • Dear Sir,

      Wish a very Happy New year to you and your family!

      It is a great pleasure to share our experience with you. I read about you through Internet and decided to go for consultation somewhere in July-15 for infertility.

      The first medicine you gave us the confidence and a positive approach towards our journey. After that we have undergone a few tests and taken medicines advised by you. Finally she underwent Laparoscopy and follicullar study following which she has now conceived and will give us the most Happiest Gift in this New Year.

      Thankyou very much sir.

      Mrs and Mr GYAN GUPTA
      Mob: 9040094844
      Dt. 01/01/2016

    • Dear Sir,

      Greetings.! I am happy to inform you that both the baby and mother are doing well. At this juncture I must appreciate your timely technical advice, care and support that you had extended during this consultation for a successful CS delivery.

      It was a pleasant surprise to get in touch with you after our long market research on best Gynecologist available in Bhubaneswar and we are happy that it was a best decision that we had taken to consult you and we felt that we are in safe hands. I could say with confidence that our doctors in Odisha are highly competent in comparison to any experts in India and abroad.

      Best care, support, empathetic behavior with the patients & attendants, timely follow up and best use of medicines which lead to minimum hospital stay and fast recovery to the patient is your USP and I personally believe that these qualities bridges the gap between the patient and doctor which is the need of the hour.

      Wishing you and your team a great success in the time to come.!

      Best regards,

      Nilakantha Bhoi
      Procurement & Supply Chain Management Expert (Health Sector Goods-GFATM & World Bank)

      UNICEF State Quality Assurance Coordinator (Supply Chain Logistics Management)

      Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India

      skype: nk.bhoi

    • Sir<

      I was facing so many health issues for the last 3 years. I visited so many doctors and even went through operation but no relief. Due to the disease i got a lot of pain, mood swings,irregular bleeding. I was totally frustrated. Then i got to know about Dr g s s mohapatra that he is a specialist in endometriosis and I decided to meet him. I was surprised when I met was really a great experience for me that doctors can also be of happy, Frank and cooperative nature. He advised me for surgery and my case was really very serious but after operation my attitude towards life has totally changed. Dr mohapatra has not only treated me medicinally but mentally also.he had said that he will be available on phone also.i am from nagpur and i have no regrets. I am very happy.

      Sweta Sudhir Verma
      Mobile: 09689777976

    • Dear sir

      We are extremely happy with the laparoscopic surgery done by you. My patient is absolutely fine now after your treatment.

      Mr ashok ku subudhi

    • Thanks a lot sir…..

      Thanking You..
      Priti & Vikas Chandra Agarwal
      Cell- 9937772375
      Date: 28/09/2015

    • To,

      Dr. GSS Mohapatra,

      When we go back in our memory line, feel lucky to get connected with you. Had a complicated case of multiple fibroid during pregnancy period so were tensed but delivered a healthy baby on 13th Aug 2015 without any setbacks tons of thanks to you & your team.

      Since getting a chance to write something about you, you were friendly & were available over phone when needed for consultation without any hesitations and was open for discussions & deliberations. All the time we have found your smile on your face & wish it to remain forever.

      We are sure you will add value to Healthcare Service of the State Of Odisha and are pretty confident to recommend anyone needing an expert’s diagnostics & advise.

      Thanking You..

      Mrs. & Mr. Sriya Srimayee Patro,
      Cell- 09937008245
      Date: 24/09/2015

    • Good Evening Dr. Mohapatra,

      I am Pradipta…. Hope you remember me.

      My wife is absolutely fine now.

      Thanks a ton for the wonderful consultation.

      South Africa
      Mob: +2348088728808
      Dt: 14/09/2015

    • Dear Sir,

      I Sri Surendra Kumar Sahoo and my Wife Mrs. Bidyutlata Singh both are very
      grateful to you. Dear Sir, your proper advice with latest
      medicines are bringing happiness in our life and as well as in
      our family. Sir, you know my wife Mrs. Bidyutlata Singh is suffering
      from Type-II Diabetes since last 6 years. So every time I was in very little hope and always seemed to be in trouble. But after receiving your valuable advise
      we both decided to give birth to a baby even after suffering from such a disease. Thank
      you sir…….your advise and your proper guidance helped us to give birth to
      a healthy baby.

      Once again thank you sir and we both wish you a very successful journey in
      your profession.

      With Warm Regards.

      Surendra Kumar Sahoo
      Asst. Manager – Recovery,
      Aditya CARE Hospital
      Date: 11/09/2015

    • Respected Sir,

      I am fortunate to have you for the treatment of my wife for a sizable tumer in her ovary
      and gall bladder stones which were removed with laparoscopy, though it is not usual to
      remove such a big one with laparoscopy. As usual before the surgery, we were too tense.
      However, your soothing words before she left for the OT took most of the tension out of
      us. It is really great that in spite of your hectic schedule, you cared to spend so much
      time to explain the matter. It is said that a good doctor’s words heal the patient by
      50%. That we saw in you and perhaps the percentage was much more than 50%. Usually,
      patients and their family hear about post-surgery care. But in you, we saw the concept
      of pre-surgery care, that even not only to the patient but also her family members. Your
      attitude is simply superb. It is said that one’s attitude decides his altitude. We do
      not have any doubt that you will attend the highest altitude among your fraternity and
      patients will be highly benefited by your superb care and excellent expertise. The way
      you are propagating your style to your juniors is also remarkable and is going to make
      them finer doctors like you.

      Finally, I along with my wife wish you great success in life.

      Thanking you
      S.K. Swain
      Talcher Super Thermal Power Station
      NTPC Limited
      Mobile: 9437049031

    • Thank you so much sir……………………
      From the bottom of our hearts we are thankful to you…. You saved our family soul sir..

      Thanks & Regards


      (Pawan Gupta & Family, Mob :9437007165)
      Dt: 05th Sept 2015

      The pretreatment information , services during treatment and postoperative care through personal contact and over telephone made by Dr G S S Mohapatra is really commendable.His soft spoken words and proper guidance made me fit in time.Thanks to Dr G S S S Mohapatra for his due care during my hospitalisation . I wish him all success in his future endeavour.

      Thanks again
      Smt Pranita Panda
      Patrapada, Bhubaneswar
      mob : 09938065655

    • Dear Dr. GSS Mohapatra,

      It has been just over one month since my surgery, or perhaps I should say “our” surgery!

      I am eager to express how grateful I am to have found a surgeon with the kind manor, patience, sense of humor, professionalism and the gifted and artistic skill that you have been blessed with a smiling face which represents a bond over experiences.

      Your dedication to your career and to your patients is evident. I’m sure you’ve heard it all many times, but it warrants repeating that your talents are a gift to all who have been fortunate enough to have you as their surgeon.

      It was with my husband’s encouragement and support that we began our search for a surgeon and we were impressed with you, your staff and lovely facility within the first few minutes of our appointment at AMRI, Bhuabaneswar.

      Speaking of remarkable … I must also comment on the kindness of your staff. You have a splendid team of delightful, caring, efficient and professional team whom I have so appreciated through this experience. Please extend our compliments and gratitude to them as well.

      Again [my husband] and I would both like to thank you for all you have done and the care you have given over the past several days with a god gifted touch from your heart. Needless to say, we will be anxious to recommend you to anyone seeking the same.

      With Gratitude and Warmest Regards,
      Mrs. Arpita Sahoo
      Spouse of : Rajib Sahoo
      Dt: 18th August 2015
      Bhubaneswar, Odisha
      Mobile: 9777453663

    • Dear Dr G S S Mohapatra,

      Heartfelt Appreciation…..

      I would like to thank Dr G S S Mohapatra sir for his outstanding care and kindness shown to me during my mother’s operation at AMRI Hospital, Bhubaneswar for Total Laparoscopy Hysterectomy. He has the best personality of any Doctor and I am very confident in sir’s abilities. He is always smiling, explains every procedure, very mixing, understands patient psychology very quickly and he makes sure that you are very comfortable… I can’t say enough how great he is and thank you is not enough for his excellent care kindness…. Sir’s support, concern, motivation and attention are beyond expectations… his comforting words of support is more powerful than medicine…. Again Dr G S S Mohapatra is best and great…. Thank you so much sir for all care and concern.

      “The secret to awesome recovery is a doctor who is simple yet extraordinary …”.

      Once again thank you so much sir for everything!!!!

      D/O: Manjulata Mallik
      Mob: 9668852761
      Date: 07/07/2015

    • I had my wife delivered through C-Section under Dr. GSS Mohapatra at AMRI Bhubaneswar on 03.07.2015.
      I came to Odisha(NTPC Kaniha) in April after being transferred from Korba(CG) with my 6 month pregnant wife. Being new to the area, I had no clues what to do next and decided to go to Calcutta for further check ups and delivery, but had to discard the idea for some reason. We made up our mind to get it done locally. While selecting a doctor I had two things in my mind; first the doctor should have vast experience as I never wanted a repetition of the post caesarean complications that happened to the mother and the baby during my first child and the second is facilities available in the hospital for handling any exigencies. I searched extensively on net and zeroed in to Dr. GSS Mohapatra of AMRI hospital. And true to my expectation, we realized that we have come to right Dr. the day we paid our first visit. The doctor is very young, friendly, listens to all your problems patiently and the best thing , always sports a smile which sometimes bursts into a roar of laughter. He talked to us in flawless Bengali. You would never feel like you are unknown to him, he is just like a doctor of next door . He gave his mobile no the very first day and insisted on calling him in case of any need, though I used that privilege rarely and mostly communicated via SMS or WhatsApp considering his busy schedule but I received reply of all my messages.
      And for the treatment part; he always told us” as you have come to me, give all your tension to me and remain tension free”. His sense of responsibility is very high he would often say” why would you come to me,if I can’t deliver?”. He is well aware of what he is doing and is very confident. My wife was able to walk the very next day of surgery and was discharged on 4th day to undertake a journey of 170km by car to home with no problem at all. I saw the surgical scar during dressing and it all dried up in just 4 days. Both the mother and the baby are doing fine I am happy that I took the right decision.

      Palash Kr Roy

      NTPC Talcher Kaniha


      Mobile: 9424141623

    • Sir

      As you are aware my wife have undergone the 4th surgery in your able hand & her

      post operational feeling are ‘An efficient surgeon who treats his patients with full dedication

      and personal touch”

      We feel privileged under your treatment.

      With warm regards



    • I really appreciate Dr.GSS Mahapatra for his tremendous support and care towards me and my baby, as we listen the word doc we portray a image of strict n reserve kind of person but dr.mahapatra is totally different. He is very mixing, studies patient psychology very quickly and knows very well how to console n motivate his patients. There is no doubt about his medical pratices he is 10/10 on that but what attracted me; most is that he involves himself with the patients very deeply and their very few doc u will find so. I was very worried abt my delivery but he made it look so easy as if its like preparing insta noodles,it must sound funny but this d truth. He is genius and im nt exagerrating anything, he cmpltd my surgery within 15mins and i was stunned to see that,n he was smiling n said its a baby boy. And evn aftr my surgery is done he keeps visiting me twice a day, keeps a close watch ovr my diet n alwys motivates me, this fills me with lot of positive energy. He does complete justice to his profession,every patient of him consider him as nxt to god only because of his out of the box thnkng,bhvr. I would like to thank the entire team of Dr mahapatra thy r als very energetic and helpful, they co-ordinate with each other veyry efficiently so that the patient get maximum benefit. I strongly recommend Dr mahapatra to others,if u want to get best man working on you then plz consult him,he will wipe your tears and fill your life with happiness. Im getting discharged tmrw with lot of gud memories, my baby wl alwys kp me reminding abt the hospitality, care i got from Dr mahapatra n his team, i will try my best to stay in touch with this wonderful ppls.

      Ipsita mohanty & Prakash Singha

      Mob 9556493003


    • Respected Sir,
      I was having Gynaecological problem since last 7 years after my marriage. I visited so many doctors within that period but it was never successful. I got the details of Dr G S S Mohapatra through internet and consulted him. Really you are a nice person. Your encouragement to the patient is excellent. The experience with you was memorable during treatment at AMRI BBSR. It was excellent right from admission, operation to discharge. Experienced a fruitful result and hope for a best future.

      Mrs Rajalaxmi Sitha

    • After visiting many places, it is worthcoming at AMRI Hospitals, BBSR. Apart from good services at the hospital, the experience with Dr G S S Mohapatra was memorable. Right from admission, operation to release, everything happened as per prediction. Thank you doctor !!!!

      Mrs S. Das
      NTPC, Darlipali

    • My wife had undergone laparoscopic cystectomy as advised by GSS Sir after being detected with chocolate cysts. She underwent treatment for infertility subsequently since she had a blockage in one of her fallopian tube. Even after hormonal assistance she was unable to conceive. Sir was planning for iui and ivf for her but prior to that he suggested to stop the medications for a couple of months and that was the time my wife conceived. The line of treatment by sir was so systematic that everything fell into place by God’s grace. The most notable thing about his treatment is that he made us things understand as well as counselled us which eased our worries about infertility. My daughter is the best gift from my wife which was made possible by his treatment and for that we both will remain indebted to him.

      Mrs and Mr P P Mishra

    • During my wife ‘s delivery,I rushed to AMRI hospital in a very critical position bcoz the hemoglobin of my wife was only 7.0 & being blood group A negative, an urgent caesarean section was needed at night with no blood at hand , also bcoz the baby’s amniotic fluid level was only 1-2 cm .At that time I met Dr GSS MOHAPATRA who saved my wife and my child


      Mrs rani and Mr suresh Tiwari

    • Dear Sir,
      Thank you for being such an awesome doctor. You’ve stuck by us through the tough times and the good ones. You’ve always been honest, patient & encouraging. I feel extremely lucky that Saumya and our baby were taken care of by you. My whole family is. You have made all of this much easier to go through. It is not just the treatment, but the care and empathy shown by doctors like you which makes the world a better place to live in. Once again, thank you very much for your time and expertise. I am very grateful.

      Mr and mrs. Prabina Kumar Pati

    • Dear Sir,
      You are just a God gifted person who simply takes away all the tension and fearness of the patient and their family meets…my wife Mrs. Khusboo choudhary is a die heart fan of yours. And you deserve it without any doubt. We have never ever been treated from a Dr. Like you done to us. We are very much thankful to you for your time to time diagnosis and Full Co-Operation. We hope we can have doctors like you in every department so that patient would recover 50% from the conversation like you do. That 10 mins conversation of yours before OT was like, “God is saying”… I am there why to worry and i really mean it. Sir, you are the best doctor and just continue the way you are.

      Mr and mrs. Abhikhush choudhary
      Mob: 9439617225

    • I have never seen God but I believe he must be somebody like DR G S S Mohapatra. He is such a wonderful person and doctor, the best in the world.He operated a laparoscopic surgery on me for a big fibroid in my uterus.Other doctors had advised me an open hysterectomy(removal of the uterus by open surgery) though I am only 32 years old because I had undergone 2 caesarean sections previously.Then i met Dr G S S Mohapatra on the reference of another senior gynaecologist Dr Dilip Sahu and sir only removed the tumour ( that too laparoscopically!! ) at AMRI Hospitals, Bhubaneswar and saved my uterus. I am really thankful to him and wish him the very best in life

      Binapani Sahoo
      Mob:08670525115, Darjeeling , West Bengal
      Date: 20th April 2015

    • On the reference of Dr. Bijoy Choudhury, Nayagarh, I met Dr G S S Mohapatra at AMRI hospitals, Bhubaneswar. On 10th April he removed 2 ovarian cysts laparoscopically. I couldn’t feel when the operation started and when it finished. I think he is the best laparoscopic Doctor. Not only is he a fine doctor but also the best human being. He is like a friend to any patient. Within a few seconds of meeting him I felt that if someone only talks to him then her disease will vanish automatically. From the corner of my heart I can say that he is the best.

      Jayasree and Manoj Mishra
      Mob:9437287205, Nayagarh

    • I would like to extend my gratitude to Dr G S S Mohapatra, AMRI Hospitals, Bhubaneswar through internet for the treatment of my wife Smt Purabi Chakraborty . We were very happy with the suggestions given by him and we decided to get admitted for surgery. After the surgery we are extremely happy because she is fully fit without any complications. I like him because of the transparency during the entire period of treatment. We are really grateful to him.

      Mrs and Mr Karun Ku. Chakraborty
      West Bengal
      Mob: 09932938340, 11.04.2015