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Doctor Training for Laparoscopy Surgery

Laparoscopy has become the treatment of choice both by the surgeon and the patient in most of the cases. So is the case of gynaec laparoscopy. Every female walking into the OPD wants her surgery done by laparoscopy only .Every budding gynaecologist is in awe of surgeons who operate well.But he or she gets depressed when there is nobody to hold his or her hand and guide them . When i started my laparoscopy work many many years back, there was no proper training given . Hands on training was a dream .For this I had to travel even to France and Germany to learn the tips and tricks of laparoscopy. So now when I am at APOLLO with the latest instruments, gadgets and exposure to all recent advances, I decided to start a 6 month fellowship in my dept to pass on my knowledge to the next generation. we have decided to take only 2 candidates at a time. They had zero exposure to laproscopy. They didn’t even know the name of the instruments. But in 5 months time, they were ready to do independent Total Laparosocpic Hysterectomy ( TLH).

A fellow doing laparoscopic hysterectomy independently under my guidance

Facilities Available

    • 1. 24 hours endotrainer available
    • 2. exposure to all daily laparoscopic surgeries like TLH, laparoscopic myomectomy, lap ovarian
      cystectomy, lap ectopic,DHL and even advanced surgeries like laparoscopic sacropexy and
      pectpexy,laparoscopic encirclage, lap metroplasty, lap tubal recanalisation etc
    • 3.exposure to all hysteroscopic surgeries like hysteroscopic polypectomy, myomectomy, tubal
      cannulation etc.
    • 4. HD camera and all advanced gadgets like thunderbeat and harmonic scalpel
    • 5. deal with even grade 4 endometriosis, deep infiltrating endometriosis and bowel adhesiolysis,
      ureterolysis, retroperitoneal dissection
    • 6. only 2 candidates at a time, so exposure to a lot of cases
    • 7.adequate exposure of 6 months time
    • 8. the only TRUE HANDS ON course

So, what are you waiting for ????book your seat by mailing at or Whatsapp at 9937776329.

My dept…a team of gynaecologists ready to work round the clock

Feedback by my Trainees

After completing my post graduation, I have joined as a fellow in gynecological laparoscopic surgery under Dr GSS Mohapatra Sir. And fortunately I belong to the first batch. During my fellowship period I have come across around 300 plus laparoscopic surgeries, including hysteroscopic surgeries. Sir has immense surgical skills and great passion for teaching. Many of the time we got mesmerized at his surgical skills. He describes each and every steps of surgery and highlights the tricks of laparoscopy surgery. He always prefer to tell every thing he knows about the surgical procedure and skills. I have assisted in almost all cases and towards the end I got chance to operate myself. Sir had showed great confidence on me so that I can operate myself during my fellowship period.

I have learnt everything about laparoscopy from him , starting from lap instruments, lap OT setup,, different lap surgery, hysteroscopic surgery, tricks and complications of lap surgeries and finally how to choose patient for lap OT. As a result after completing my fellowship I can do all types of laparoscopic and hysteroscopic surgeries independently.

After all I have learnt from him, being a doctor how to be humble , how to interact with patients, and I learnt from him how to be a good human being as well.

In a single sentence my life has changed drastically after my fellowship. Thank you sir for being there for me, and bear the pain to teach me everything. 🙏

Dr Gupteswar Mishra
Mobile +91 94383 34367

Myself Dr Sangeeta is the 5th fellow of Dr GSS Mohapatra and 1st fellow at Apollo Hospital Bhubaneswar. My journey with Sir has been since 2 1/2 years. I was working as senior registrar there and learning laparoscopy. When Sir got to Apollo I thought my teaching is incomplete if I don’t get a fellowship under him. I have seen all my fellow colleagues who have not even acquainted with instruments passing out successfully with full confidence and performing very well in their working place. This course has taught us from basic anatomy of pelvis to all the intricacies and tricks of doing a safe and bloodless tlh. Sir has taught us certain basic principles following which one can handle even complicated cases with ease and efficiency sticking to those principles only.

More so I have learnt the procedures of safe endoscopy from sir because patient safety is first and foremost .from simple tlh to bad endometriosis.difficult bladder dissection difficult myomectomy fertility sparing surgery fertility enhancing surgery to gynaecological oncosurgery and what not I have assisted maximum cases of sir not only in nos but good quality surgeries seen his wonderful surgeries and the utmosr justice he tries to give to each case.we have also learnt about the machines, their technicality and their hazards also. Hands on training with energy source is being given in the last two months which builds up alot of confidence in oneself. Truly speaking i have never followed any body’s suturing other than sirs . Because he does wonderful suturing so much so that makes u feel that u can do with ease. Overall I believe, this is a complete course package for all those who have passion for laparoscopy. When one passes out he/ she gets the confidence of preopworkup,decision making , efficient surgery with skillful tricks and post OP management along with management of complications. More of ease for those who cannot go beyond the state for training due to certain liabilities can have fruitful knowledge of everything from the course.while completing this course my heartfelt gratitude to my most lovable and respectable teacher for inculcating the confidence in me and enlightening and enriching my knowledge of learning is ever growing process as usay sir and it has no limit.

Dr Sangeeta Mishra
Mob 7991033379

I was always interested in learning laparoscopy but was unable to fulfill my desire .This Interest got the final thrust after attending a workshop in Guahati..I started looking for a proper guide and a hospital where I can learn laparoscopy.

After lot of Googling I decided to have my training under Dr.G.S.S.Mahapatro in Apollo hospital Bhubaneswar .

Once in Apollo Dr.G.S.S.Mahapatro relieved me of all the apprehension I had and in no time I became a part of Dr Mahapatro’s Apollo family.

Learning is continuous process and we( fellow colleagues) wasted no time in learning the basic of laparoscopy be in OT or during the round .In the OT sir would explain the importance of each and every Lap instruments,and step wise disection of all the operation be it TLH.LRH,Ovariotomy ,myomectomy etc.He would encourage and update us with all the latest videos and insisted on the time spent on the endotrainer. During this period I was made to understand the importance of laparoscopy in dealing with gynecological disorders and the role it can play in future.

It was a fruitful two months experience and sincerely thank G.S.S.Mahapatro sir for giving me the chance to work under him.I can’t forget the support I got from my fellow colleagues and the OT staffs which made my stay a pleasant one.

Lastly I thank all the Apollo family and wish the Bhubaneswar Apollo hospital the very best in years to come.

Guwahati, Assam 5.05.2020

This is Dr Shibani Devi, associate consultant, AMRI Hospital, Bhubaneswar. I have completed my MBBS, MS and senior residentship from Delhi University. I always used get fascinated by seeing laparoscopic gynae surgeries for which I started searching for proper training in New Delhi as well as other cities in India, but couldn’t satisfy my quench until I met Dr GSS Mohapatra. After thorough search, I decided to come down to Odisha to get trained under him. The very first day I met him, I was surprised to see his energy level and the passion with which he was doing his surgeries. What surprised me the most that I found him as energetic as his first case of the day, same in his 7th or 8th case. He tries to do absolute justice to each and every case by proper planning and execution during surgery. The best thing about him is..not only he teaches you what safe endoscopic surgery is..but also regarding machine, ergonomics, instruments, post operative management and all. I used to wonder seeing his confidence in doing surgery, I think I got my little bit of confidence in doing independent laparoscopic surgeries by seeing his confidence only. In course of 6 months, he really makes his fellows to walk laparoscopy, talk laparoscopy and dream about laparoscopy. His method of teaching is out of this world and his suturing technique is mind blowing. Finally I can say, if you plan to join Dr GSS Mohapatra, you will become his family member for lifetime and he will try to take care of you in every aspect of your life like a true mentor and guide. The best thing is, even after you complete your course, he keeps on teaching you by sending surgery videos,updating your knowledge by different different surgical tips. I think my life has got a new direction after meeting him. I wishes him all the very best in life.

I really feel blessed after meeting you sir. You are really a champion in laparoscopic gynae surgeries. I wish I could become atleast 1/100 times of what you are today in my life.

Thank you so much sir.It was a great learning under your guidance.

Dr Shibani Devi
Mobile – 7854900629

My first day of joining as a fellow in gynecologic laparoscopic surgery under Dr GSS MOHAPATRA Sir has become an ever fresh memory in my mind. My heart leapt up with pleasure. I found myself in a new world, which I have never imagined before. On that day I have witnessed four magnificent laparoscopic surgeries which has paint my intuition of becoming a laparoscopic surgeon. Day by day as the course progressed and my involvement into the vast variety of laparoscopic surgeries (from Lap Ectopic pregnancy treatment to Laparoscopic OHVIRA syndrome treatment) done by Dr G S S MOHAPATRA Sir increased my confidence level . During the course the atmosphere was very informative and helpful , all my co-fellow were very cooperative and there was always healthy discussions regarding the cases. We always worked as a coordinated team in discipline manners with great enthusiasm as our mentor Dr G S S MOHAPATRA Sir always expected from us. All the staffs were very cooperative & generous to us. Dr G S S MOHAPATRA Sir, a compassionate, open minded, passionate, a good mentor, jovial, honest, a good counsellor & friendly. He always shares an amalgamated relationship with me.I have some cherished memories with him. Whenever I think of these memories it makes me blissful. Throughout our lives, we will be having many Kith & kins who will hold a special place in our hearts, so I’m feeling very gratifying as he is one of them. I have always admired his skill, knowledge & approach.

I I’m very much confident for my new beginning of a lap surgeon following Dr G S S MOHAPATRA Sir ‘s path of “safe & methodical surgery “in future . I Pray God for a healthy & peaceful life of Dr G S S Sir In his whole life 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Dr Prakash chandra Mishra
Mobile – 9437278665

My self Dr Pragyan Dash, I have done my fellowship in laparoscopy under Dr GSS MOHAPATRA at Apollo hospital bhubaneswar.

Honestly I have never given a second thought regarding this course but on the very first day I was really nervous, heard a lot about our mentor and was really excited to work with him. The very first case was a DHL and I didn’t expect much but it was a bad endometriosis with chocolate cyst. I was mesmerized by the approach, the technique, cystectomy, adhesiolysis abd the whole procedure. In those 45mins I was very sure that I took the right decision. During the span of 6months we got to see all varieties of cases like DHL, hysteroscopy, septoplasty, vaginoplasty, lap adhesiolysis, cystectomy, myomectomy, simple TLH including radical hysterectomy. He not only taught us regarding SAFE ENDOSCOPY but also regarding the instruments, energy source, pre op and pos op care, and also encourage us to practice on endotrainer.

Sir has the same energy level for every case and he continued it till the end of every case. I am truely blessed to be trained under his guidance. He made laparoscopy suturing so easy that every time he did suturing, I used think even I can also do it.

He is so humble, down to earth, student friendly yet an absolutely amazing surgeon. I will always remember how you used to teach us during the rounds, during every case and Even after every procedure. Every time I approach for a case , I feel as if you are telling me to follow the anatomy and go safe. Besides laparoscopy there is so much to learn from you and your way of working. I am truely truely blessed to be your student.

I pray God for a healthy and prosperous life of Dr GSS sir and hope one day you will be proud of me.. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Dr Pragyan Dash
Mobile – 9692364749
Date – 23/06/2020 Bhubaneswar

Hello friends, Myself Dr.N.Sagarika. I was very fortunate to be in 2nd batch of gynaec laparoscopy fellowship under Dr.GSS Mohapatra Sir. He is a great teacher and an enthusiastic mentor. After passing my PG study i was wondering that how can I peruse laparoscopy training which is a must know skill for a competent gynecologist in this era of minimal invasive surgery. For a long time the thought of refusing a patient for lap surgery due to lack of my expertise, was bothering me. As fate provided, I chanced upon an information pertaining to laparoscopy fellowship course being provided by Dr.GSS Mohapatra sir. This event happened to be a crux in my career & I was destined to become the laparoscopic surgeon with the able guidance & mentorship of Dr.GSS Mohapatra sir. I was mesmerised to see how skillfully he does laparoscopic surgeries & train you with so much enthusiasm. During a surgery he explains each step of it so wonderfully that it builds a great confidence in you.Starting from basic laparoscopic instruments, ergonomics, importance of full knowledge of pelvic anatomy to various kinds of laparoscopic surgeries like TLH, difficult myomectomy, lap ectopic, surgery for complicated endometriosis, gynaec oncosurgery, fertility related surgeries, hysteroscopic procedures it was a vast exposure during this fellowship with hands on training including emphasis on “SAFE ENDOSCOPY”.

After completing fellowship when I did my 1st TLH case independently & when a patient of 4yrs primary infertility conceived after DHL, it was a great experience of happiness for me. Finally I express my heartfelt gratitude to Dr.GSS Mohapatra sir for conducting such fellowship course for doctor like me who can not go outside state to pursue it.

I always pray to God for sir for more & more new heights of success & achievements in future.

Thank you.

Date – 29/06/2020 Bhubaneswar

Dr Prakash, setting up his own laparoscopy unit after completing his fellowship under Dr G S S Mohapatra