Doctor Training for Laparoscopy Surgery

With the addition of robotics to our institute, trainees can observe and learn robotic myomectomy, hysterectomy, tubal recanalization, advanced endometriosis etc. This is a training which is not available very commonly in other laparoscopic training course in India.

Feedback by my Trainees


Dr Pallavi Gangatkar
Phone: +91 99869 79561
Batch – March to June 2022

I am Dr. Pallavi Gangatkar from Bangalore. Though it was my first time in Bhubaneshwar and Apollo Hospital for a duration of 3 months, time flied within a blink. The correspondence with the Dr.GSS sirs team was quick , so that I got the opportunity to be at Apollo BBSR in 2022 . It was a truly amazing experience working and learning from Dr.G.S.S.Mohapatra sir . Dr.G.S.S sir is one of the most humble surgeon, he is an excellent laparoscopic surgeon and a teacher with love for teaching endoscopic skills. He is brilliant teacher and carefully laid out plan from observing and manipulating to assisting and operating. Sir was always there to answer all queries and help during all the obstacles encountered. He is a surgeon with expertise in endometriotic surgeries, he is really an example of how will and determination wins over everything. I learnt the Hysteroscopy and it’s interpretation and learnt the principles of laparoscopy and hysterectomy which can be applied throughout our practice. Also got the hands on training for hysterescopy and laparoscopy. I got a chance to see and assist around 90 surgeries in a span of 3 months. The range of surgeries was also from simple hysterectomy to most complicated endometriosis which required a surgical Gastro team for bowel resection and anastomosis. I would also like to thank his entire team and Dr.Surekha  for encouraging to work and learn more. 

Special thanks to OT team and technicians who are well experienced and encourage us to learn with patience.

Hope I could stay here and learn for some more time , I had taken a 3 month fellowship course but I advise residents to take a 6 month course to learn better learning of laparoscopy.

Dr Surekha
Phone – 7852997980
12th Batch
Period of fellowship: 20/3/21 to 20/9/21 Bhubaneswar

Dr mitali mohapatra
Phone :+91 72053 65553
Period of fellowship: July 2021 to Jan 2022 Bhubaneswar


       Dr Nehul Jha
       (8th batch)
      Date – 14/07/2021 Bhubaneswar

     Dr Nibedita Maharana

    Mobile: +91 88478 22568

    Period of fellowship: Dec 2020 to May 2021

      Dr Gupteswar Mishra
     Mobile +91 94383 34367

      Dr Sangeeta Mishra
      Mob 7991033379

       Guwahati, Assam 5.05.2020

    Dr Shibani Devi
    Mobile – 7854900629

     Dr Prakash chandra Mishra
     Mobile – 9437278665

      Dr Pragyan Dash
     Mobile – 9692364749
     Date – 23/06/2020 Bhubaneswar

     Thank you.

     Date – 29/06/2020 Bhubaneswar

     Thank you sir

     Dr Anurag Tiwary
     Date – 14/12/2020 Bhubaneswar