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Hands of God!

Hands of God! I would love to put my experience in words. From the moment we (me and my wife Nirosha) started consulting Dr. G.S.S. Mohapatra till delivery of my baby boy on 29.05.2021 at Apollo Hospital BBSR and subsequent discharge of my wife, Dr. G.S.S And his team including Dr. Surekha gave top notch service. He counselled us the right way, made sure that we are guided properly and monitored everything personally. It is this service that made us keep complete faith in him and with god’s grace we are blessed with a beautiful soul. Special thanks to Dr. Surekha at Apollo hospital who made sure that from admission to discharge was done smoothly and took special care of my wife. Last but not least I would suggest anyone planning for child to visit Dr. G.S.S. Mohapatra and his team without any second thought and you will not be disappointed. He and his team are truly the hands of God.

Nirosha and Pratyush

Bhubaneswar. Date - 5.6.21, Phone - 82494 26651

You’re such a wonderful doctor and I truly admire the person you are

You’re such a wonderful doctor and I truly admire the person you are. You’ve been such a kind and caring doctor for me during my time of need. Thank you for doing everything that you do and helping me during a hard time. Thank you for being the best doctor for me. God bless you and your family.

Chinmayee Lenka

Bhubaneswar. Date - 7.6.21, Phone - 8658470535

When we met Dr Gss Mahapatra we were pretty confident from the first consultation

I believe that these 9 months are very precious and one always wants them the best as anything can go wrong at any point. So it is very helpful at this time to have good support, especially on the healthcare front especially from the doctors. Certainly, one has multiple options to select from, to go to any kind of facilities available in the city and we are happy we chose Apollo Hospital for our baby’s arrival. The reason was very simple – I had really good feedback for the facility as well as the doctor and our experience was also amazing when we visited the hospital for the first time. When we met Dr Gss Mahapatra we were pretty confident from the first consultation itself that we are in the right hands. Theses 9 months are definitely not easy and it has almost been a roller coaster with so many ups and downs and mostly downs. We used to panic and would get depressed at times and that is when the immense support from the doctor and her team made us feel most comfortable. So our overall experience has been very good as we have always got all the care, attention and proper treatment at all time❤️

Manisha Mahapatra

Dt - 9.6.21 Cell - 82608 85034, Bhubaneswar

Our heart felt regards to Dr GSS Mohapatra

Subhrasmita Pradhan

Bhubaneswar, 15/05/2020

My dream photo made possible with my Baby

Anjan Kumar Singh & Chinmayee Pradhan

Jajpur, 2/11/2020, Cell - 94375 05126

I hearlity thanks Dr GSS Mohapatra Sir


Swagatika Samal

Bhubaneswar, Date: 25.02.2021, Mobile - +917016706071

My fibroids operation was successfully done

Sir is very nice.. he understands the issue that a patient is having. Great attitude! He and his assistant take proper care if there is any operations and all. My fibroids operation was successfully done because of him and now my heath is quite better than before.. thanks to sir.. I really appreciate his work!


Bhubaneswar, Date: 31.01.2021, Mobile - 9980226151

I have only positive things to say about my experience with Dr GSS Mohapatra and team

It was a nice experience with the entire team. I have only positive things to say about my experience with Dr GSS Mohapatra and team. They are professionals and friendly both at the same time. Sir has guided us very well and made us comfortable through my pregnancy. I am really thankful to the team. Let me share my experience. We were having our initial pregnancy examination in Bengaluru and later in 7th month of the pregnancy we decided to have the delivery in Bhubaneswar. Here in Bhubaneswar we were really clueless where to go for further checkup and for smooth process as being a first time parent we were nervous.After a thorough internet surfing we narrowed down our search to Dr Mohapatra. As we had visited two different medical professionals ,here are my browny points for Dr Mohapatra 1- He and his team make you comfortable and explain the entire journey of pregnancy. 2- He hand overs booklet that lists everything that you might need to know and can save your energy and time such as what to do if have vomiting tendancy or mild fever and many more. That gives all the first hand information and keeps a track of your pregnancy journey. This booklet is a mini medical assistance to you and speaks a thousand words about the professionalism of the team. 3- He explains the reason and necessity for the medications he suggests. 4- Clears out all the myth about pregnancy. 5- Team is just a phone call/message away and they are right there to answer your query. 6- I had c-section, and it was really smooth and stress free process.We were guided at each step and action. 7- Team owns the responsibility. 8- Team makes sure that nothing stops you to get the best. At the end i would say,we made a wise and fruitful decision to get consulted with sir. I was completely guarded by sir and his team, specially Dr Surekha. Ma’am was always there with extra care towards me. And here I highly recommend Dr G S S Mohapatra and team. My sincere thanks to sir and team.

Tulasi Manjari Nayak

Bhubaneswar, 29/01/2021. Mob - 9090323849

Thanks Dr G S S Mohapatra for the detailed diagnosis, guidance & treatment related to my issues

I would take this opportunity to thank Dr G S S Mohapatra for the detailed diagnosis, guidance & treatment related to my issues. Dr G S S Mohapatra patiently listens to your concerns and then explains you about the diagnosis, situation & any challenges in detail. He welcomes any queries and gives you a holistic solution which is inclined for the best of your health. He gives advice for adequate number of tests, which helps him to take right judgement and decision. He counsel you with positive words of hope along with some good humor when you are really troubled with your worries. I would also like to thank Dr. Surekha Joshi from his team, who is there for any consultation, queries and suggestions at the time of need. You can trust Dr. G S S Mohapatra, Dr. Surekha and team for any Gynecology related issues.

From USA

Monali Mohapatra

USA, Phone - +1 (647) 965-9916 , Dt - 14/01/2021

Dr.GSS Mohapatra sir…You are a God Gifted Doctor

Dear Sir, Only one thing that describes you is that You are a man with a golden heart. I have always felt safe and secure under your treatment.Thank you so much for being so professional yet so friendly. The way you encourage your patients is commendable. In each visit of mine you fill me up with positive energy .You take care like family and provide the best possible treatment. Thank you so much sir and your whole team…Especially Surekha Mam..for all your love and care towards me in throughout my pregnancy ❤ Last but not the least Dr.GSS Mohapatra sir…You are a God Gifted Doctor.. Keep loving your patients the way you do… Keep Growing!!!

Swayamsiddha Panda

Bhubaneswar. Date - 5.01.2021, Phone - 7205073507

Dr. GSS sir confirmed to operate adenomyosis

The experience was very good. The doctor was available all the time for us.All other doctors has refused for operating adenomyosis since last 7 years but Dr. GSS sir confirmed to operate adenomyosis.The operation of adenomyosis was done successfully on Dated :15.12.2020 Everything went so softly that we didn’t have to worry much. Finally we got treatment from him.Thanks to Dr. GSS sir, Dr.Surekha mam & team.

Pinky and Sumit Singh

Keonjhar. Date - 15.12.2020, Phone - 7008405991

I express my sincere gratitude to G.S.S Sir and his dedicated team for my safe journey to motherhood

At a time when Covid 19 pandemic, restrictions were at peak and I was around 21 weeks pregnancy when I decided to shift from Kharagpur (where I was undergoing treatment) to my hometown,Bhubaneswar and started consulting G.S.S sir. On the very first meeting, G.S.S. Sir cut down the medicines I was on to a bare minimum and assured me that too many medications on the pretext of complications are not worth it. He helped me understand that pregnancy is a natural physiological process and not a disease. He boosted my morale and I developed full confidence in him. He said, “Patient care is my top priority “. He is highly positive-minded, well-mannered, and takes personal care. Ultimately, he kept to his words and proved it in action.  He designed my treatment in such a way that the medicines administered were compatible and tests advised were bare minimum. He also arranged consultations with other Specialists when required. In short G.S.S. Sir left no stone unturned for my safe delivery. I owe him from the core of my heart. He with his competent committed and motivated team arranged my emergency CS operation and post-operative hospital stay such that it was hassle-free for me and my family who attended to me during the period. I was impressed that they applied all modern technology and management tools for success in this endeavor. Lastly, I express my sincere gratitude to G.S.S.Sir and his dedicated team for my safe journey to motherhood.

Tungabidya Panda

Bhubaneswar. Date - 15.12.2020, Phone - 7978329310

Pregnancy is every woman’s dream

Pregnancy is every woman’s dream and I was thrilled when I came to know of mine in the month of May 2020. I was extremely delighted as it was my first time experiencing the feeling yet was scared due to the ongoing pandemic situation in the country. It had only been a year that we were in Bhubaneswar. Neither did we know anybody here nor could we travel back home owing to the lockdown and hence decided to carry on with our pregnancy here. After a lot of research we zeroed in on Dr. Mohapatra. I clearly remember the before and after feeling, the day of my first consultation, I went in a scared girl and came out a confident woman, with a belief that under his care and guidance,we can take care of this pregnancy ourselves.

Since then, time just flew like anything and today I hold a healthy baby in my lap, all thanks to Dr. Mohapatra and his team (especially Dr. Surekha). Dr. Mohapatra is truly an exceptional doctor and I can’t praise him enough. He has this quality that diffuses all the worries in the room and one comes out smiling with a sigh of relief. He has a great sense of humour but never does he miss to inform the patient of the situation at hand and ways to tackle it. In short, we had a great experience with him. He always patiently listened to all my queries (howsoever stupid they were) and never let even a single one go unanswered. Never once did he make us feel rushed. His attention and dedication was at the same high since my first consultation to the last. At times, I truly felt like I was his only patient. He made both my husband and myself feel extremely comfortable during a stressful situation. He is an incredibly knowledgeable person. I would strongly recommend him to any family and friend, without hesitation. He truly is an exceptional doctor and a wonderful human being and deserves all the praises. We shall ever be grateful to Dr. GSS Mohapatra for his support and guidance.

Last but not the least, this journey could not have been the same without the constant support of Dr. Surekha, I cannot thank her enough for her affection, care and guidance. She is truly a wonderful person both professionally and personally.

Prerana Singh

RBI, Bhubaneswar, Date: 14.12.2020, Mobile - +91 9644500131

It has been a wonderful experience with Dr. GSS Mohapatra

It has been a wonderful experience with Dr. GSS Mohapatra and team. Especially Dr. Sahin and Dr. Surekha have been extremely caring throughout. Having diagnosed with some complications in my pregnancy journey I thought it will be a little difficult for me but Dr. GSS Mohapatra and his team made sure i go through a smooth one. All the doctors of his team have been patient enough and tried their level best to constantly guide me over phone with the prescriptions. They were always just a call away, 24*7 available. I am extremely thankful to Dr. GSS Mohapatra and his entire team for all the care they have taken of me and would suggest everyone else to go with Dr. GSS Sir, one of the best in town for an amazing experience.

Rupali Nayak

Dt - 13/12/2020 Cell - 8984545075, Bhubaneswar

One of the finest doctor

One of the finest doctor

Sidharth Seth

Dt - 10/12/2020, Mob - 99370 65477, Bhubaneswar

He is amazing Doctor really

He is amazing Doctor really, Knowledgeable Easy appointment Promptness Very Friendly discussion with me Accurate Diagnosis Appropriate follow up In right time right moment he was save my life. Thank u so much sir🙏🙏.. Always God give super natural strainth to you sir..

Smita Mishra

Dt - 09/12/2020 Cell - 9348219312, Bhubaneswar

I’ll always be thankful to Dr. G.S.S Mohapatra and the entire team

I had my c-section on 21st of September.. Got to know about Dr. Mohapatra from a family relative . Literally enjoyed my pregnancy days . Mohapatra sir’s guidance helped me a lot to overcome all sorts of difficulties like severe acidity problems and all other problems as well. Too many good memories covers everything. I enjoyed my pregnancy days…and I’ll always be thankful to Dr. G.S.S Mohapatra and the entire team , especially Dr. Surekha Mam and Saheen Mam… 😊😊😊All you need to do is just trust his words and follow him..

Komal Samantray

Bhubaneswar. Date - 30.11.2020, Phone - 86581 31633

Sending my gratefulness to the best doctor

Sending my gratefulness to the best doctor I have ever seen. You have given a new life to my mother. Thank you for your excellent treatment and also grateful for your friendly staffs, especially Dr. Surekha Madam. Again, Thank u Sir.🙏

NALCO, Bhubaneswar, Date: 9.11.2020, Mobile – +91 87630 62387


Mrs Nandini Dehury

NALCO, Bhubaneswar, Date: 9.11.2020, Mobile - +91 87630 62387

A blissful journey under guidance of Dr. GSS Mohapatra

A blissful journey under guidance of Dr. GSS Mohapatra 😊 The bliss of being a mother is more than words. Pregnancy, the beautiful journey becomes more blissful with God’s grace and the guidance of a perfect doctor. And I feel very blessed to have Dr. Gss Mohapatra as my doctor. An expecting mom only can understand the queries that raises during pregnancy, the worries for her baby growing with in her,especially in this pandemic. So with all the worries I asked sir that if I ‘ll be tested covid positive then what sir?? He simply replied with a smile “my soul will not allow you to let you go madam and I’ll definitely do the surgery at my own risk “.Those motivating words really builds the doctor patient relationship with a great trust. Following all his advice I was blessed with a sweet little angel. Me and my husband are truly satisfied and happy with the treatment and post operative care that I got. We thank Dr. Gss Mohapatra, Dr. SHAHIN, Dr. SUREKHA,Dr.Anu,Dr.Sambit Das, Dr. P. K Dey, the OT and Nursing staffs and the entire team who were associated, for their care and support. Finally at the time of discharge while thanking Gss sir, I got tears in my eyes by hearing his words that “everything happens with OM NAMAH SHIVAY and I am just a mediator”. To this humble person and a doctor who didn’t even took a single credit of his knowledge and experience, saying THANK YOU will be a very small word. I pray to almighty for his healthy, peaceful, blissful and successful life ahead. 😊 Also being a music lover me and my husband will not hesitate to express our gratitude by dedicating a song to Sir. Hume jo tumhara Sahara na milta, Bhanwar me hi rehete kinara na milta. Hum asha ki ladiyaan na rehe rehe pirote, Agar tum na hote,agar tum na hote.. 😊🙏🙏

IOCL, Paradip. Date – 9.11.2020, Phone – 88478 53667

Archana Mishra

IOCL, Paradip. Date - 9.11.2020, Phone - 88478 53667

Thank you so much Dr Gupta Sibasankar Mohapatra from the bottom of hearts

Sagarika Mohapatra

Bhubaneswar, 2/11/2020

Thank you so much sir Dr.GSS MOHAPATRA for the difference you have made in our lives!

Thank you so much sir Dr.GSS MOHAPATRA for the difference you have made in our lives! Your kindness, sincere caring, and concern has made everything better “Thank you so very much for taking care of me and my little bunch of happiness my baby boy .Every day of our life will be better because of you.
You have been always comforting to us, throughout this pregnancy period. I never had thought my pregnancy journey would have been so smooth and yet a hustle free one. Keep smiling and keep doing what you do so well. You truly make a difference in the medical field with your amazing staff.

Thank you and regards,

Date: 27/10/2020, Bhubaneswar, Mob.+91 7328-817885

Sumegha and Tapan.

Heavenly Service to People

Sir, you and your team did wonderful job. I am greatful to you and personlally thanks to You, Dr. Surekha and Dr. Anu for nicely monitoring and helping me. 

I Pray Almighty to give you strength to render such pious and heavenly service to people for all times to come.
Jai Jagannath🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

Bhubaneswar, Dt – 23/10/2020. Mobile – 93383 12061

Mrs Bharati Manjari

Best Doctor ever met😊

Best Doctor ever met😊 We all go to doctor for some kind of problem/assistance but He is Such kind of Doctor who fill up the patient with positive energy. He explains each and every aspect and never get irritated even if you ask again. He is very kind and down towards earth person and more interestingly in every visit to him he will make you smile 😃 and lighten the positive things. His treatment is like that You will know by yourself only that how n what the treatment is undergoing. Most importantly, his treatment is very very transparent which is rarely available these days. He takes care like family❤️ n provide the best possible treatment. I thanks to Him and his team for his family ❤️like feeling while treatment/assistance under him. All the team was available anytime when I needed the help whether Day or Night. I wish him n his team for best n healthy life to serve the mass people and benefits the humanity. At last but not least Dr. GSS Mohaptra Sir is a God gifted Doctor❤️🙏

10/10/2020. Nalco, Bhubaneswar. Cell – 7827433620

Manish Kumar

Advise from a Gyno Doctor GSS Mohapatra

After getting advise from a gyno doctor to put my wife on injections for one month, I visited GSS sir for second opinion, on the very first visit he has limited medicines upto folic acid, calcium and iron. Since then upto delivery we were under him treatment and everything gone on right path. Even though COVID pandemic he was available to advise. On the delivery date all over procedure went smoothly. Post delivery medicines are also very effective to recover.

Date: 18/10/2020, NALCO. Cell – 9437381609

Himanshu Rai

I have been consulting Dr. G. S. S. Mohapatra since the beginning of my pregnancy

I have been consulting Dr. G. S. S. Mohapatra since the beginning of my pregnancy. He has been there to answer all my queries and doubts throughout my pregnacy and post-pregnancy. But what was different was: “personal touch”, addressing them together with me. Not just me, but also helped my husband understand different situations. He made sure to follow up after each problem I had and ensured that my delivery goes smooth and fine, and it did. He started preparing for delivery way before the time. I am glad to have had come across such a wonderful doctor.

Date: 16/10/2020. Bhubaneswar, Cell – 8280329402

Dr. Mitrabinda Pattanaik

Thank you Dr GSS Mohapatra


Bhubaneswar, Mobile – 7326054540, Date – 09/09/2020

Prachi Manaswini Prusty

The vast experience of Dr Mohapatra makes you feel in a most safest hand

It is said Doctors are like Gods. When it comes to Dr Mohapatra, the personal care responsibility and above all the charismatic professional approach would definitely makes the Proverb to a feel like statement. The vast experience of Dr Mohapatra makes you feel in a most safest hand. I wish him a healthy and successful life. We all love you Sir. 
Mr chandan mishra
BBSR, Mob – 7873751752, Date: 05/09/2020

Mr Chandan Mishra

I had the opportunity to have consultation with versatile Surgeon Dr.G.S.S.Mohapatra

I had the opportunity to have consultation with versatile Surgeon Dr.G.S.S.Mohapatra regarding treatment of my wife Nibedita. The date of surgery was scheduled to 27th August 2020. As the countdown started, the patient became impatient due to fear and anxiety. At that critical juncture, the motivational words of Dr.Mohapatra showed a ray of confidence and moral boosting to the patient. Operation started as scheduled. I was in the waiting longue adjacent to the O T, Dr Mohapatra came out of O.T with the remark ‘operation successful ‘. He was also very cordial in post operative care for which the patient was discharged after two days. The emotional expression of the patient at the time of discharge was worth viewing. During my stay at Apolo Hospital as a bystander, I witnessed similar facial expressions of other patients of Dr.Mohapatra. From the core of my heart, I immensely express my gratitude as a note of appreciation to the noble surgery rendered by Dr.Mohapatra with optimum advanced surgical procedures. Dr.Mohapatra deserves five star rating for his outstanding achievement. With the blessings of Almighty, the journey of success of Dr.Mohapatra should march on in geometric progression in treating critical patients with advanced medical procedure and professional excellence. Thank you Doctor for adding one more success story to your achievement folder. 

BBSR, Mob – Mob +91 94370 49304, Date: 07/09/2020

Mrs Nibedita Patnaik

You are an extraordinary doctor

In the beautiful journey of motherhood,being in a hospital is a terrible experience, but you made me feel like home. Your caring and extra effort to make me comfortable is truly remarkable. Before saying that you are an extraordinary doctor, I want to tell you that you are an extraordinary human being. No words are enough to appreciate the service you did. Thank you in my folding hand for gifting me new life with my loving baby and showing me so much care and concern. Nd special thanks to dr saheen and OT team for their full support. 

Mob – 88957 20416, Date – 03/09/2020

Dr Rosalin Puhan

He is very generous, humble and above all a responsible doctor

Being treated by one of the best Gynaecologist in kolkata for my first issue I have to move to Bhubaneswar suddenly with alot of tension, worry and confusion as I don’t know how to choose a good doctor. Ofcourse like all mothers I too was concerned for my baby. I searched and came across his name and eventually decided to visit him and trust me it was my best decision.

Though first visit was with doubts as I was bit hesitant and confused (naturally with all pregnancy hormones) but it was all gone with each time I met him. Some instances like me and my husband (specially) used to push him for prescribing me some good vitamins or fish oils etc etc but he used to laugh and reply “Abdul Kalam’s mother didn’t have it and so shan’t you.” It was very clear from the beginning that he is totally against of unnecessary test, medicines or anything that bears any extra cost. It was absolutely no no for him.

Things get tougher when Covid hits us on March and I am amongst those who carried their best pregnancy part in that hard times. But the best part was still I was assisted through WhatsApp, phone calls in my time of need. And thats how the entire journey passed smoothly like a blink of eyes and he gave me my daughter in my arms.

I wont forget how compassionately he soothes me in my pre delivery room and asked me not to worry, put my faith on him and relax and believe me I was not disappointed at any point of time. He is very generous, humble and above all a responsible doctor who cares for his patients. My best wishes for him and my suggestion for others to trust him completely.

BBSR, +91 98363 57770, Date – 03/09/2020

Antara Mistry

Thank you so much Dr GSS Sir

It was my good luck that I got the opportunity to get consultation from Dr. G S S MOHAPATRA sir. I was suffering from PCOD & had one miscarriage. Everytime whenever I visited doctor, I felt so much relieved that I forgot everything & became confident. He has very good knowledge & vast experience, i admire him as one of the best gynecologist in India. I loved his way of talking & consultation, always ready to listen your query & after this he will give you his opinion, minimum medicine & minimum test, some time I used to ask him for some medicine or test but doctor clearly explained why this medicine or test are not required. Every time he explained me the purpose of the medicine & test. He is so much polite, supportive, gentle, contained & caring that always he has replied my query over phone or through messages, never felt irritated even for my stupid questions, during lockdown some medicine was not available at my location, he told the apollo pharmacy & after this apollo pharmacy delivered it to me. He is a complete gentle man, master in his field, he is not only a doctor he is guide for me, my panic, tension, stress every thing used to vanished after single conversation with him. I have complete faith on him, I have only listened to him. His team is also very good, they are so cooperative that I had never imagined that my delivery were that much smooth, trouble free. Even during covid situation their service was outstanding, I salute the team & my “pronam” all of his team members. They become our family. I wish all the best to my doctor sir & the team, & always be thankful to them. Specisl thanks to Doctor Sahin madam who has never felt irritated & always helped me & answered my all queries. I have blessed with a healthy baby girl, Doctor G S S sir is just another name of GOD in my life. Best wishes from me & my husband for giving such a nice experience we will be always thankful, pronam sir.

Yajnaseni Goswami

IOCL, Paradip. Dt – 26/08/2020. Mob – 8763015637

Yajnaseni Goswami

Thank you Dr GSS Mohapatra Sir

Dt: 24/08/2020

Fantastic journey to parenthood

Date: 07/08/2020

Truptimayee Samir Debta

Visited him for the treatment of my mother’s Ovarian cysts

Got Dr.G S S Mohapatra’s details from internet and visited him for the treatment of my mother’s Ovarian cysts.Very patiently he heard us out and got her treated. Supremely confident doctor, highly recommended.
Kolkata, Mob – +918902058525, Date – 06/08/2020


Not only a best Dr but also so much caring

Not only a best Dr but also so much caring. My wife had pcod.we visited many Dr in Cuttack and BBSR but failed.with the help of God we consult Dr GSS Sir. In our first meeting he takes all responsible and starts medication.His two line that Dr GSS is responsible for ur problem and Om namah shivaya is gives mental strength to patient.finally we blessed with a baby boy.its only for blessings of God and Dr GSS sir.the journey to parenthood is very soft only for Dr GSS Sir. Can’t forget ur contribution towards our life.May god gives you 100 year healthy life.Lastly I feal the synonym of success is Dr GSS Sir.
BBSR, Mob – +91 98616 40175, Date – 06/08/2020

Barada Prasanna Tripathy

Visited for pregnancy

It’s an amazing experience to be a mother for the first time . But in my case during such a pandemic situation like Corona I was being worried very much for my safest delivery. Ist I was being treated by other doctor but I couldn’t go there further bcoz of this pandemic situation. After that I heard about Dr GSS Mohapatra from 1 of my doctor friend. Actually my friend was so much satisfied and happy enough with the treatment of Dr. Mohapatra that he had recommend me to go there. Really I was very lucky to have Dr. Mohapatra as my gynaecologist.
He is a very friendly, very professional with kind hearted and softly spoken person . He is so confident and super skilled about his treatment on his patients that you can be relaxed and keep trust on him and his team completely. He and his team is the best team for your treatment.
Really sir 🙏😊 I wish you a long, happy, prosperous life ahead and thank you for being there for me and my husband when we were alone…

Mobile – +91 77357 33666, Bhubaneswar, Date 04/08/2020

Tithibhadra Mohapatra